La Libanaise Des Jeux

  • Can Yawmiyeh top prize be won by several people?

  • Yawmiyeh top prize is won by one person only, but can be won several times - if several had the chance to chose the same correct winning combination.
  • Does La Libanaise des Jeux take a share of my winnings?

  • No. Prizes are paid in full to the winner except when taxes apply.
  • Are the Loto winnings taxable?

  • All winnings exceeding 10,000 LBP are subject to a witholding tax of 20% as per the Lebanese law.
    And only the net amount is credited to your purse. 

  • How and when do I receive my winnings?

  • After the draw, your winnings are automatically credited to your purse. You may use them to enter future draws, choose to collect them or withdraw funds available in your purse at any time. Withdrawn funds are sent to you either in the form of a check, by mail, or through a bank transfer. You may order a withdrawal by clicking on "ADD/WITHDRAW FUNDS" then "WITHDRAW FUNDS".

  • How do I know if I won?

  • All La Libanaise des Jeux - LLDJ - Registered Users having entered a specific draw will be notified of the results:
    - by reply email within a few minutes of the official TV announcement, if played online
    - by reply sms if played via sms  
    - by visiting the nearest LLDJ Point of Sale
    - by visiting our website
    - by sending an sms to 1033  

  • What is the deadline for entering the Loto draw?

  • You can still make an entry until 5:30 pm on the draw days - Mondays and Thursdays. Entries made after that time will automatically enter the next draw.
  • What is Zeed?

  • Zeed is a draw game that can be played along with the Loto.
    The player is assigned, by the machine, a random 5 digit number. Zeed draws take place right after the Loto draws (every Monday and Thursday). 
    If the last 2 digits of the winning Zeed number match the last 2 digits of your Zeed number, then you are eligible for a prize. The more digits you match (starting with the rightmost digit) the higher your prize!
  • Are there any extra charges on bank transfers?

  • La Libanaise des Jeux does not charge any fee for collecting money from its subscribers or making payments to them. In some cases, however, third party fees may apply. Transfers made to an account held with Bank Audi are done free of charge. Other banks are being gradually added. Third party fees on international bank transfers amount to around USD $35 a transfer.
  • How are the Credit Card payments processed on the site?

  • Credit Card Payments made through La Libanaise des Jeux are processed through Bank Audi's Payment Gateway. The payment site is a Verisign 128 bit SSL secure page with encrypted data input. Even La Libanaise des Jeux does not have access to the Credit Card information.

  • Can I participate in the games from outside Lebanon?

  • Yes. La Libanaise des Jeux website can be accessed from all over the world. If you are not a Lebanese citizen, you need to make sure that your applicable legislation does not prohibit you from participating in international lotteries.
  • How can I play online?

  • To play online, you first need to be a "Registered User" or you will not be able to complete the playing process. To register, click on "Sign Up" on the main page and then follow the instructions.
    To start playing, you need to have funds in your purse. Once you have a User Account, click on "Log In" on the main page and then follow the instructions. After accessing your account, click on "ADD/WITHDRAW FUNDS" then choose "ADD FUNDS" to add money to your purse. Addition of funds can also be made through personal check or bank-wire transfer.
    Now you can enjoy your favorite games online!
$ 891,089 The Next Loto Estimated Jackpot
Monday 19, 11, 2018
02 days 03 hours 45 mins 49 secs
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