Our identity

La Libanaise des Jeux sal (LLDJ) is the exclusive operator of lottery games throughout the Lebanese territory. It manages the organization and operation of those games in Lebanon.

In September 2002, the Lebanese LOTO was re-launched and was met with an overwhelming success, and introduced a wide range of instant scratch games including "MALAYEEN" with a television show.

Always anxious to satisfy the players, LLDJ remains at the forefront of technology and introduces a wide range of products and services around the LOTO.

LLDJ broadens its range and also handles the distribution of all kinds of electronic recharges.

With its rich experience and competence, LLDJ has become a benchmark for the support and advice it offers to lottery operations worldwide (Africa, Middle East…).


Our Games

Our games are available in two product lines:

Draw Games (LOTO, YANASSIB and ZEED) represent a large part of the gross sales

The LOTO, powerful symbol of the dream at hand, was born in Lebanon in 1986. Up until 2001, it was still operational but not adequately exploited. LLDJ took over and lifted the game’s image so as to develop the market. Thus, a new logo was launched: the renowned "smiley face" that became familiar nationwide. The price of the grid was halved. A large expansion of retail outlets throughout the Lebanese territory took place, besides a modern infrastructure based on the adoption of a new computerized system provided by the company Editec, affiliated with the World Association of lotteries.

In the very beginning, draws were held once a week. But after the runaway success of the game, and since February 2003, the draws were held twice per week. Subsequently, a number of services were created around the lottery in order to bring luck to everyone: access to the game on the Internet on www.playlebanon.com and through mobile phones on Loto SMS 1020, and to the results by SMS on 1033.

Scratch games

Symbolizing quick and frequent winnings, the scratch games were inaugurated by MALAYEEN which was followed subsequently by JNOUN, TORRA NA'CHE, MALAK EL FALAK, CASH, BINGO, 7 1/2, CASINO, POKER TEXAS HOLD'EM and DESHASH.


Our commitments

LLDJ remains very committed to the principles that govern its activities; principles focused primarily on due process, transparency and proper conduct of the games:


- Integrity and security of the process involved:

Safety maneuvers and precision in controlling the proper conduct of the games is LLDJ’s priority.

The draws: LLDJ ensures maximum game safety. The terminals available at the points of sale are of the latest online technologies accredited by Editec, the French company specialized in the latest lottery technologies. These terminals are also subject to regular inspections and are recognized by the LLDJ central computer, thus eliminating any hacking attempt. More draws are held under the supervision of the National Lebanese Lottery and are broadcasted live on television.

Scratch Cards Instant Lottery games: Their manufacture is outsourced to printers in Canada where the industrial process is fully secure. A computer randomly prints the lottery tickets in order to ensure the highest security standards. This, added to the random distribution of products to the various LLDJ points of sale, does not allow locating the winning tickets in any way.


- Trust and transparency:

LLDJ draws its strength from the bond of trust that, through more than 1,200 outlets, links it to millions of players.

LLDJ pays the winning players the full amount when being shown the winning ticket.


- Source of payment:

* LLDJ is a primary source of revenue to the state with over 40% of gross sales.

* LLDJ has a wide distribution network spread over the entire Lebanese territory thus giving everyone his chance. It contributes to the existence of more than 1,200 business districts as it provides an important contribution to earnings as well as a tool for entertainment. The drawing days were even called "the lottery days" in the various points of sales.

* LLDJ is also a source of compensation to the community as it actively participates in the financing of diverse projects, proving its deep involvement in the social, humanitarian, ecological and recreational sectors.


- Customer service:

In order to ensure the continued satisfaction of the players, LLDJ answers every customer’s question through its customer service.